District Email Lists

District Email List

Subscribe to our district email list and join other Crescent Bay Scouters. This is a low volume list averaging four emails a month, summarizing information monthly in the District Newsletter.

This is an Opt-in and Opt-out list. Click here to sign up for the District Email List.

Paul Oliver’s Email List

Volunteer Paul Oliver manages an email list that sends out information regarding our Crescent Bay District, the Western Los Angeles County Council, or general information that may be of interest to your Scouting Unit.

This is an Opt-in and Opt-out list.  Which means all you have to do to be added is to send an email to pauloliver@roadrunner.com requesting to be added, and Paul will cheerfully add you to the list.  If you know anyone who wants to receive these emails, please have them send an email to Paul.

Thank you Paul for you providing this service!

Crescent Bay Blog Update Email List

Stay up to date with all the Crescent Bay blog posts by signing up for the Feedburner email list.

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