Camp Josepho

Camp Josepho, a 110 acre camp, is nestled into remote Rustic Canyon near the beaches of Pacific Palisades and Malibu in the Santa Monica Mountains. The camp offers a traditional camp setting of years gone by featuring an old western style lodge and cow trails that follow the old creek bed to cozy campsites stretching through the canyon wilderness.

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Brief History

Camp Josepho was given in 1941 to the Crescent Bay Council, BSA (now part of WLACC), by Anatol and Ganna Josepho as an expression of gratitude to his adopted land. Since that time Camp Josepho has been used by scouts and scouters for day, weekend and weeklong retreats.

Historic Josepho Lodge

The magestic Lodge makes any occasion a memorable one. High open beam ceilings, a large wooden stage, beautiful paned glass windows and fascinating relics of Boy Scouts throughout its long history are a few of the wonders you will find when you cross the threshold of the Josepho Lodge. In addition to the very large main hall, the lodge has a commercial kitchen, a conference room, a billiard room, four classrooms, and rest rooms with showers.

Directions to Camp Josepho

Camp Josepho
3000 Rustic Canyon Road
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

You need a gate code to get in.

Reservations 818-785-8700 Ext. 130

Driving instructions (Also, see map below.)

* Get the gate code before you start
* 405 to Sunset Blvd.
* West on Sunset to Capri Drive
* Right to the little traffic circle.
* At the traffic circle, you will see Capri straight agead. Go right, around the circle, and continue up Capri.
* Left at the T intersection (Casalle).
* Continue right onto the dirt road. The speed limit is 5. Really. You will see why.
* At the gate, you will know what to do to open it.

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