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Advancement News is the official e-letter of the Boy Scouts of America national Advancement Team and the national Advancement Committee. Its intent is to support and clarify procedures found in the Guide to Advancement, announce various changes and updates in advancement, and to assist advancement committees in making decisions that can help increase the rate of advancement.

Who should read Advancement News? Advancement News is designed for council and district advancement chairs and their committees, unit advancement coordinators, advancement staff advisors, and Eagle processors. However, any Scouting volunteers or professionals who may find the News helpful are encouraged to subscribe. Districts and councils are welcome to reprint articles from this publication.

What will you find in Advancement News?

  • Merit Badges—Enhancing Our Youths’ Competitive Edge: Effective use of merit badges in the Boy Scout program is explored, as well as reviews and information on the releases of new merit badges and revisions.
  • Eagle Issues: Topics covered include highlights from the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook as well as hints to avoid issues that might hinder smooth travel to the rank of Eagle Scout.
  • The Cub Scout Angle: Cub Scout advancement topics are explored to help units provide a quality advancement program that will help increase retention.
  • Guide to Advancement: Each month one or two topics from this publication are highlighted for clarification and understanding. The 2013 edition will be released this summer, so be “on board” to hear about the latest updates.
  • On Increasing Advancement: Recommendations for volunteers at all levels highlighting tactics and techniques to increase the opportunities and support for youth advancement.
  • What Do You Think? Let your voice be heard! Regular surveys encourage volunteers to share their opinions and thoughts on advancement topics.
  • From the Field: This is your opportunity to share success stories or inspirational moments from your advancement experiences.
  • And much, much more.


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