Camping Resources



These courses are not just for leaders.  Parents who have not done much camping can benefit greatly from taking these courses.

  • BALOO Patch - Basic Adult Leader Outdoor OrientationHazardous Weather (valid for two years)
    Required for any outdoor activity
  • BALOO – Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation
    To have a Pack camp-out, at least one unit leader must be BALOO trained – also a great training class for parents with limited camping experience
  • Outdoor Leadership Skills for Webelos Leaders
    Required for leading Webelos campouts. The course is normally a day and a half long and conducted at a local scout camp on a weekend.
  • CPR / First Aid
  • Safe Swim Defense
    Required for participating in any Cub Scout swimming activity
  • Safety Afloat
    Required for leading any boating activity

Check the training calendar, or talk with unit commissioner, district training chair, or the Westside Service Center to find out when and where these courses are offered.


Camping Skills